Tips to Stay Up to Date on Legal Translation Services In Dubai

Tips to Stay Up to Date on Legal Translation Services In Dubai

Keep an eye on some tips to always choose the best Legal Translation Services Dubai and stay up to date with industry news

With the increasing  exchange of professionals and businesses between countries, there is an increasing demand for the official translation of documents. This work receives the name of legal translation , a task destined to publicly-held professionals and whose result has legal value for presentation in dubai or in other locations.

Whether you are an aspiring legal translator , a professional in the field or a client looking for a solution for the translation of your documents, here are 4  tips for you to keep up to date on the subject.

1) How is the value of a translation calculated?

To calculate the amount to be paid for a legal translation, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of words that will be translated.

Each Commercial Board has a specific table for this purpose, so that the amounts to be paid should not vary much depending on the reference. Before translating a document, a translator or translation company will see it so you can make a quote.

Viewing the document

2) Viewing the document ensures more precision in the budget

 Many people wonder why just knowing the number of pages in a document is not enough to get a translation quote. This is because the charge is not made for pages but for characters. Formatted texts whose font size is reduced may take up fewer pages, but take a lot more work when it comes to the amount of content to be translated.

3) Always inform the delivery time

 A legal translation, whether done by a translation company or not, is an intellectual job that requires precision and a high level of detail on the part of the translator. So, unlike a simpler translation, it will often not be possible to get it ready overnight. Therefore, inquire about delivery times before requesting the job.

4) Check the validity of legal translations

 Some legal translations made in dubai may not be accepted at certain foreign institutions. The validity of these translations will depend on the rules established by each country. A tip to know if the legal translation done in dubai is worth abroad is to observe if the country of destination is part of the Hague Convention. With this convention, the agreement defines rules for the certification of documents issued – if the country of destination of your document is not part of the convention, you will need to understand the legislation of the country of destination.

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