Things To Consider When Shopping For Playground Surfacing

Things To Consider When Shopping For Playground Surfacing

A playground is such a happy place for so many people – and we’re not only pertaining to the children. Even parents who take their kids to the school or community playground light up their faces when they see how happy their children are. Yes, the playground is a magical place but it should be more than that. It should be a safe haven for everyone!

Why is playground design important?

Not a lot of people would pay attention to the importance of playground design but they should, especially if you’re the one tasked to build it in the first place. There’s so much that could go wrong if you choose the wrong surfacing, playground equipment, and tools among others.

Here’s a quick guide as to what one should consider when designing a playground. Keep in mind that the items included on this list focus on playground surfacing as it is one of the most crucial aspects of any playground design.

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Different types of playground surface

Of course, one must start at the types of surface. The good news is that there’s an array to choose from. The challenge here is to identify which one will suit your playground the best.

You have the loose-fill, which includes rubber mulch, sand, wood chips, gravel, and more. There are also unitary materials, which pertain to “Pour in Place,” rubber mats, and tiles among others. Each poses a set of advantages and disadvantages. You have to know what your playground goals are to ensure that you choose the correct surfacing type. If you’re at a loss as to what that is, read on as we talk about some of the other factors that may affect your decision.

Age of the child

Stemming from the previous point, if you’re not quite sure where to begin or what to consider when choosing a surfacing type, look at the age-appropriateness of each. This is particularly important as the age group can affect not only the playground surface type that you want but also the pieces of playground equipment that you should invest in.

Hazards of sun exposure

In structuring a playground, you must always take into account the safety and security of everyone. Safety goes beyond the dangers of using a piece of particular playground equipment. In fact, one of the most underrated and most neglected hazards is that of sun exposure. In crafting your playground design, the equipment should be placed in a shaded area.

The flow of the children

Flow pertains to the movement of the children. From the previous point, it asks that you place your playground equipment in a shaded area. However, you must also take into account the fact that children should be able to move freely. If the equipment is too near to a tree then this may cause some problems for those who are using the monkey bars or the slide.

Final Thoughts

The playground design is crucial to ensure that the happiness that comes with visiting a playground is maintained. Hopefully, you’ll consider everything on this list whenever you would go shopping for playground surfacing.

When it comes to playground design, there are tons of things to consider. At General Recreation, we have the experience and have mastered these over the years. Contact us today for more info.

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