The Urban Alchemist For Better Health Treatment

The Urban Alchemist For Better Health Treatment

The Urban Alchemist is a Holistic Treatment Centre in the Melbourne City of Australia.  The treatment here is holistic rather than the traditional treatment one gets elsewhere. The Moto of the Urban Alchemist is to treat the underlying causes of illness and not just the symptoms and cultivate vibrant health that lasts a lifetime.

Types of Treatments at Urban Alchemist

At the Urban Alchemist, people are subjected to different treatments, including Body Work/Different types of Massages/Psychological Treatments/Integrative Health/Body Healing services etc. People having illnesses such as Depression, Respiratory Illness, Arthritis etc. are treated.  People come here for the wellness of their bodies as well as mind. The treatment line adopted here is entirely different, and therefore, those who wish to come here for their wellness experience get a different type of care.

Now let us look into details, the various types of treatments mentioned above that one can experience here.

Types of Massages at Urban Alchemist

Urban Alchemist Offers all types of Massages that include Remedial Massage focus on treating injury, muscular pain and postural imbalances, relieving tension so your body can function at its best. Massage provides effective treatment using a variety of strokes and pressures to relieve and re-balance the body. Another type of massage is Sports Massage. This specialized massage is typically used before, during, and after sporting events. The purpose of sports massage is to prepare the athlete for peak performance and improve recovery.

The Urban Alchemist

Massages for the wellness of Body and Mind

The techniques used will drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and prevent injuries. Another Massage is called Reflexology, which involves massage of the hands and feet by applying gentle pressure to the reflex areas’ points. This technique works to create deep calm and relaxation and promote the body’s healing and rejuvenating processes. Grief Massages is one kind of a massage one cannot normally get elsewhere. The Touch and connection are important to us, especially those who are grieving or in trauma. When we are in emotional pain, we can lose ourselves. Receiving Touch is one way to calm the nervous system and bring ourselves back to the present moment.

Also, another massage called the Indian Head massage supports the nervous system by alleviating stress, stimulating the lymphatic system, encouraging the elimination of toxins, and helping to break down muscle tension. The Ayurvedic head massage uses a combination of essential oils made from specific herbs and spices, lovingly blended and applied manually through warm oils. One of the various other treatments at Urban Alchemist is the Psychological treatments.

Psychological Treatment

The Psychological treatment available is Clinical Psychology, where counseling and psychotherapy are available where trauma, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues etc. are treated. Hypnotherapy is also done to help people get away with their deeply held life patterns and beliefs to live a changed life for the better. There are treatments to help quit smoking and other habits too, where people can’t change the habit on their own.

Other Treatments

Then there are the Integrative Health Care, where treatments like Naturopathy, Acupressure and traditional Chinese medicines are used. Also, treatments called the Energy Healing Service are available. Energy Healing is a growing field that encompasses everything from Sound Healing to Reiki and strange and wonderful.

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