Getting Baby’s Footprints at Birth

Getting Baby’s Footprints at Birth

There are a number of babies born in a hospital every day. These babies almost look identical. They are all brought to a different room for further checkup and recovery before they are brought to their parents. All of them look almost identical. To avoid confusion and possible mistakes, making sure the babies end up with the right parents, footprints are taken from the babies. This is why an inkless baby footprint kit will come in handy.

It is still recommended by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for hospitals to get the baby footprints. According to a 2016 survey, 90 percent of hospitals still get baby footprints and it is done through the paper and ink or the inkless method.

The inkless method is often done through a specialized baby kit that will enable you to cast an actual impression same as having footprints in the sand only that they can last forever. A footprint may come with beautiful frames along with acid-free mats that are in pastel shades.

inkless baby footprint kit

There are baby print kits that are made for birth announcements. These often include a baby photo on one side and a print on the other. There are also those that are complete with metal or wooden frames. You would be able to find also those that have keepsake boxes where you can put baby souvenirs such as shoes and bracelets.  Some kits would enable the progression of impressions from birth. This will enable parents to take the handprints of their babies as they grow.

It is also pertinent to ensure that the newborn ink or clay footprint is safe for babies. You’ll be happy to know that your baby’s 3D cast or impression is done through a casting material that is made of alginate, which derives from seaweeds and is completely safe. Alginate is often used by dentists to make dental impressions of people’s mouths and teeth. Alginate is soft not like clay. This makes it easier to create an impression of your baby’s hands or feet.

Most parents complain about not taking enough photos of their babies and not keeping enough mementos to encapsulate those ephemeral moments from birth until they can take their own mementos themselves. It makes it crucial to keep baby books, a toy box with all your baby’s first toys and bibs, and also to track their growth, progress, and accomplishments.

When it comes to stamping the baby’s feet and hands, make sure to put something firm for the hand or foot to step on such as a clipboard or a book. The baby’s foot has to be relaxed. Firmly grasp the baby’s ankle and shake it gently first. Roll the foot from the bottom to top. Quickly take away the foot to avoid getting smudged.

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