7 Tips for Planning a Memorable Wedding Anniversary Party

7 Tips for Planning a Memorable Wedding Anniversary Party

Wedding anniversaries are significant events that all married couples are encouraged to celebrate. Commemorating it is the best way to remember that special day you and your partner officially became husband and wife.

Your anniversary is also the perfect time to appreciate you and your spouse’s efforts in keeping your relationship alive and full of love. Marriage is always full of ups and downs. The date of your wedding is the ideal period every year to think about your struggles and the ways you overcame them as a couple.

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is also a wonderful reason to reward everything that you and your other half did to protect and sustain your relationship. As such, it is an excellent excuse to have dinner at one ofthe best steak restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Because of these reasons, whether it’s your first, fifth, or 25th wedding anniversary coming up, give a thought to celebrating it in a fun, memorable way.

Hosting the Perfect Wedding Anniversary Party

If you want your wedding anniversary party to be an event you and your spouse will remember for a long time and set the stage for future unforgettable ones, follow these planning tips:

1.     Set a budget

One of the best things about celebrating anniversaries is that they don’t have to be expensive as your wedding. This type of event does not have to be extravagant or pricey. However, spending more than you should on the party is a mistake that you can still make.

To avoid spending too much on the party, especially if you don’t have a lot of money set for this event, set a budget before you start planning. Determine what you need to spend on and how much you and your spouse are willing to pay.

If you want to come up with a realistic budget, do some basic research on the costs involved and compare the numbers generated.

2.     Choose an ideal date

The best day to schedule the party is the date of the wedding itself or the nearest one possible. By doing so, you will make the celebration even more special. It will allow you and your spouse to feel as though you truly are celebrating your love, as well.

But if the date of the wedding anniversary falls on a holiday or busy season, you can host it a week or two earlier or later.

Make sure, though, that you also consider the needs of your guests, if you will be inviting any. Think about the ease of travel of people from out of town and the expenses they may incur, too.

Additionally, if you want to host the anniversary party during a busy time (around Christmas, New Year, etc.), consider sending out a save-the-date email or invitation in advance so that your guests can put the event on their schedules.

 Wedding Anniversary Party

3.     Create your guest list

If you are planning your wooden (fifth), crystal (15th), silver (25th), or golden (50th) wedding anniversary, it would be best to celebrate it with your family and close friends. Try to invite the people you are close to that went to your wedding, as well.

These guests will love seeing how much your love has grown and will be happy to celebrate this significant milestone with you.

However, as much as possible, avoid putting on your list individuals you have lost touch with and neighbors or co-workers you rarely talk to. You will end up spending more money on the venue and food for people that you are not sure will come.

Once you have your guest list, you can start scouting for the party venue.

4.     Find the perfect venue

Although there is nothing wrong with holding the event at home, if you want your anniversary to be special and memorable, consider hosting it in a different place.

When you do your research right, you will find a venue that fits your budget and meets your other needs. A restaurant, for one, has private rooms that can accommodate everyone on your guest list. You will also get help with setting and decorating the area, turning it into the perfect venue you are looking for.

More importantly, you won’t have to worry about the food that will be served during the event, and the disruption it will cause if it were to be held at home.

5.     Create and send out your invitations

Your invitation can set the stage for the event. If you are planning a formal party, your guests will know exactly what to expect when they receive an email or snail mail that features a sophisticated design and script.

Conversely, if you want a casual get-together with a small group of family and friends, you will do well to create a more low-key invitation.

Aside from stating the date and time of the event, name and address of the venue, and contact details for RSVPs, include the wedding anniversary year on the invitation. By doing so, your guests will know beforehand how long you have been married.

This information will help you avoid any awkward inquiries during the party, as well.

6.     Create the menu

Whether you are hosting the anniversary party at a restaurant or having it catered at an event venue, make sure everyone will enjoy the food by planning the menu well in advance.

Choose dishes that meet your and your spouse’s dietary restrictions, if you have any. Find out if any of your guests have food allergies or requirements, too.

Once you have the details, work with the restaurant staff or caterer to select dishes that suit these requirements. If they do not have any alternative items that your guests can eat, find out if they can make substitutions for some of their menu offerings so that everyone can enjoy them.

7.     Renew your wedding vows

Lastly, if you are commemorating an important wedding anniversary like your crystal (15th), silver (25th), or golden (50th) anniversary, consider renewing your vows. This ceremony will show your spouse how committed you are to your relationship.

This additional ceremony does not need to be extravagant, as well. Simply write down your marriage vows and read them during the program.

You have the option of getting a clergy member or judge as an officiant to perform the ceremony. You can also ask a friend or family member to do so if you want it to be less formal.

You can also choose to have no officiant at all and say your vows to each other in front of your guests.

With wedding anniversaries being one of the most important milestones in your relationship, celebrating it the best way you can is a must. Follow the tips above, and you can be sure your party will be a memorable one.

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