Why should you use bitcoins?

Why should you use bitcoins?

These days one question that most of the people have in their minds is why should they use bitcoins and before knowing the answer for this most asked question, you have to know what bit coin is. Bitcoins are one of the digital currencies which are not printed unlike normal national or paper currencies. They are created by people and since there is no central authority to control it, the transactions made with bitcoins are kept anonymous.

Now, we are going to see the reasons for using this electronic money:

  • There will be no bank or government in intermediate when you transact bitcoins and thus there will be no transaction fee involved.
  • Because of the same reason, the transactions can be completed within a short time.
  • No one can steal or even know how much you are paying and to whom you are transacting.
  • You can keep your transaction details private and thus no one knows what you are buying and selling.
  • Since the transactions are peer to peer, you are not depending on anyone and thus do not need to trust anyone.
  • Unlike national currency, you own the cryptocurrency and there will be no tax involved for having it.
  • One of the crucial reasons is you can create your own money, that is you can create bitcoins by mining them. All you want is a device and an internet connection.
  • No one can steal your information as well as your money.

It is the future money so you can definitely go for it!

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