Waste Disposal Methods: Four Ways

Waste Disposal Methods: Four Ways

Nations that have proved themselves to be sufficient in the industrial front or simply known as industrialized nations are dealing with the never ending problem of waste disposal. Toxic waste and non bio degradable substances like radioactive remnants can pose a possible threat and can cause irreparable damage to the environment. This is where clear and effective waste removal methods come into play. Four of them are mentioned below.

1.    Waste generation reduction or prevention – You should know that unnecessary as well as extensive use of new products is the main cause of all unchecked waste formation. With rapid population growth, it is better to use second hand products or careful use of the existing ones.

Cause if we do not do so, there is the potential risk of people succumbing to the ill effects of toxic waste disposal. Thus, a conscious decision should be made at a personal and professional level to carefully curb the growth of waste which is of course a menace.

2.    Recycling – Its purpose is to transform the waste into products of their own genre through industrial processing. Paper, aluminum, glass and plastic are commonly recycled. It is also known to be environmentally friendly to reuse the wastes instead of adding them to nature but at the same time, processing technologies can also be pretty expensive.

3.    Combustion or incineration – It features combustion of wastes to transform them into base components with the generated heat being trapped for deriving energy. This is form of waste disposal that involves burning so inert ash and assorted gases are the common by-products.

You should know that pollution is caused by varied degrees of the nature of the waste incinerated and the design of the incinerator. If you use filters, it can check level of pollution. It can be very cost effective to burn waste and thus reduce waste volume by 90%.

4.    Composting – It mainly involves the decomposition of organic wastes by microbes and by allowing the waste to stay collected in a pit for a longer period of time. The compost which is full of nutrients can be used as plant manure. However, the process can be considered as very slow and consumes a very significant amount of land. Biological processing to a great extent improves the quality and fertility of the soil.

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