Know about the qualities of leadership with Nina

Know about the qualities of leadership with Nina

What do you consider as important leadership qualities? You may say honesty, integrity, confidence, creativity, innovation, and communication. Here is something interesting that I have found for people who are mid-career leaders.

Have you ever heard of Nina Simosko? She is an innovative and passionate business leader. NTT Innovation Company Inc. is one of the largest ICT companies in the world and she was president and CEO of the company.

Ms. Simosko was also worked at a German Company, SAP, where she was not only the Global Chief Operating Officer for worldwide Customer Education organization of the organization but also led its PCN Center of Excellence. At present, nsimosko serves on the advisory committees at Reflektion and AppOrchid which are early to mid-level technology companies.

Nina Simosko

Nina loves to blog and blogs with a specific goal to deliver “aspiring leaders with a forum to investigate ideas, innovations, and approaches to leadership.” She says that she focuses on leadership because there are so many people she knows – the poor leaders who simply do not encourage the people they have worked with or managed. She wants others to be better leaders so that the working world can be a better place.

She also adds she is trying to provide insights that will benefit others who are working their own way up the corporate ladder and she is focused on delivering the most practical but different kernels she has found valuable in her own life in the hope that it can help others.

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