Heating and Cooling Advice from an Air Conditioning Melbourne Company

Heating and Cooling Advice from an Air Conditioning Melbourne Company

Heating and cooling is a major consideration because no matter what type of energy you’re using, whether it’s solar, electricity, natural gas, or even propane, the truth of the matter is that if you don’t have your house properly set up, then you’re going to have higher energy bills of all different types. Therefore, an air conditioning in Melbourne company has put together a list of helpful tips for you to help you reduce energy use and costs.

Don’t Just Rely on Your Heater and Air Conditioner

There are many things you can use in order to eliminate wasted energy. For example, you can actually get the sun to help heat your home during the summer and block it out during the winter with many things. Buy some blackout blinds and drapes, and make sure that your home has good seals around your windows and screens. During the summer months, no matter what people think, go ahead and keep those windows closed and block out as much sun as possible during the day, but go ahead and open them at night. In the wintertime, of course keeping the windows closed, insulated, covered in plastic, and blocking the air outside is the primary key.

Use the Auto Switch

Most heaters and air conditioners have an auto function for a reason. Go ahead and use this, because it will greatly reduce the use. When you leave the fan switch in the “on” setting, you’re constantly using power when you don’t need it. This does more than just harm your electricity bill; it also causes more normal wear and tear on your unit so it will possibly break down sooner.

If You Have a Fireplace

One thing to consider is that when you’re using a fireplace, of course you want the home to be warm, but when you’re sitting right in front of it, the room you’re in is going to be warmer. If you have proper ventilation, this will end up getting the entire house warm enough that it won’t freeze, so you can usually turn your furnace down to about fifty-five or sixty degrees so you can be warmed just by the fire. Once the fire goes out and the embers aren’t smoldering and smoking, you can close the flue to keep all that warm air you just created inside your home.

Make Sure You Seal Your Home

Make sure all the gaps are closed around windows and that no air is escaping out of the house, or even in. Even in the summer you can lose precious cooled air by it escaping from the smallest openings or cracks in your house. In the winter months, this can mean you’ll spend more on energy.


There are many companies out there that can provide good heating and cooling tips, and of course all we mentioned in this guide isn’t all you need to consider either. If you do need some heating cooling tips, or a viable solution for your needs, you can rely on Smoel climate control, one of the best specialists in all of Melbourne to provide the solutions for you.

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