Follow The Trends – Invest In Palladium Coins

Follow The Trends – Invest In Palladium Coins

Palladium is very rare in nature. There are less than 10 mines in the whole world with productions that way lower than other precious metals like gold or silver. Palladium is used in many industries and is a useful metal. In the world of coins, it’s only active since 1966 when the first palladium coin was minted in Sierra Leone.

In the Americas, Canada started producing palladium coins in 2005. The USA only began minting in 2017. People instantly started buying palladium coins because the price of the metal was only going up. Actually, since 1996, the price of Palladium is only going up. Of course, there are ups and downs, but if you see the chart for the price in the last two decades, you’ll see that this metal’s price will continue to rise. In March 2019 palladium reached a highest price ever of $1581.

That’s why investing in palladium coins is a smart move. The palladium coins don’t have a high numismatic or historical value. Their value is based mostly on the price of the market. However, it is pretty sure that palladium’s price won’t drop because of many factors.

When it comes to the coins, you should know that not many countries in the world offer palladium coins today. In the past, some of the coins that hit the market were known as truly remarkable. In addition, see some of the most notable coins made of palladium:

The Chinese Panda

In 1989 the Chinese Government launched a huge project. They minted a lot of coins made in silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. The base for these coins was the famous Chinese Panda. A total of 16 bears were struck on different kinds of series.

The palladium panda is one of the most remarkable of all palladium coins in the world, ever. It looks so sweet that is even better looking than the original panda.

The Russian Ballerina

Russians, then called the people of the Soviet Union, were among the first ones to mint palladium coins. Their Ballerina from 1988 is one of the first palladium coins in the world. Every new series of the coin had a different pose of the ballerina which is amazing.

The Ballerina was dedicated to the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. What’s very interesting is that the palladium Ballerina survived the death of the Soviet Union. The Russians as an independent country continued minting the palladium coin even though all other coins stopped production.

The American Eagle

The famous American Eagle coin is being mined for decades in different metals. In palladium, it only started in 2017 and the coin is looking fabulous. The US Mint was authorized to produce this coin in 2010, but they only began doing it a few years ago.

The denomination of the coin is 25 dollars and the face and the back of the coin are made from the American Bold Eagle and the Lady Liberty on the reverse side.

The Isle of Man Angel

The Isle of Man is a very interesting island. It is a place of just more of 80.000 people between Great Britain and Ireland. It was a Viking base for centuries. Today, this British protectorate operating as an independent country makes some of the best coins in the world.

The Isle of Man Angel palladium coin is simply amazing. It is crafted with care and in only 1000 pieces. The pictures of Archangel Michael slaying the dragon is something every collector would love to have in their hands. Learn about Michael the Archangel on the following link.

The Canadian constellations

One of the rarest, if not the rarest palladium coin in the world is the Canadian Little and Big Bear constellation coin. This coin was made in only 1200 pieces. What is most interesting is that the total of 1200 coins is made from 4 different coins made by the seasons of the years. It has 297 spring coins, 296 summers, 296 autumns, and 293 winter coins. It a true rarity that numismatics would die for.

Minted together with the more popular Maple Leaf coin, the Constellations are a true numismatics challenge for every collector.

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