Absolute Significance of John School Diversion Program

Absolute Significance of John School Diversion Program

The educational intervention, particularly for the clients of prostitutes, this is usually a diversion program peculiar to men who are accused of soliciting the services of prostitutes and related offenses. This educational intervention gives an alternative to criminal prosecution, this can also be used as a condition of probation, as courts in some jurisdictions sentence men to attend the John School Diversion Program. The offenders are informally called ‘Johns’.

Importance of the program

Prostitution is a social evil and every possible step must be taken to eradicate this disease from the society. The protest against prostitution helps in saving lives and families, as it tries to reduce the demand for sex trade, and preventing the spread of diseases like HIV and STDs, but most importantly it helps the families in being together and benefits the entire community.  John school diversion program benefits the entire community in the long-run. The program’s duration is eight hours, usually taken on Saturdays of decided months.

The Overview of the benefits of this program includes:

  • Reduction of Prostitution: This program involves the treatment of sex addicts which ultimately results in reduced prostitution.
  • Reduction in Prostitution related crimes: this program is designed in such a way that the offenders try their best to improve and crimes like robberies, assaults, and pimping are dwindled.
  • Case dismissed: this program provides a certification on completion through which a person can have its case set aside and dismissed after one year.
  • HIV/STDs Education: As the court requires this program educates the people about all sexually transmitted diseases, free HIV testing is also made available at the beginning of the program.

John school diversion programHow the community benefits?

The program is itself for the betterment of the community as a whole, through educating only the offenders and those eligible, the benefits of this program cover almost everyone. With the fall in demand of prostitution, to quite an extent a social evil is being snubbed, there is no taxpayer fund, the arrestees pay for this program, lesser burden on the police department, it also reduces pressure on courts by reducing prosecutors time and efforts, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases’ testing and their education helps in a great way, women organizations receive the benefits from donations, various studies have shown that john schools have drastically reduced the tendency of the convicted to reoffend.

A program that helps the community with such a magnitude and even the offenders, benefit from it. This program can be termed as one of the best program.

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