5 Steps To Getting More Soundcloud Plays

5 Steps To Getting More Soundcloud Plays

Every single artist that tried to make their way through the complex ways of SoundCloud knows how difficult it is to become big. You need to put in a lot of effort and a lot of work to make it.

Here, we’re talking about how to make it. These 5 steps will surely help you in the path you need to walk and become a success. Getting more plays on your tracks definitely means success. Follow up and see what you need to do!

1. Do great stuff

What is more important to success than quality? Nothing! Of course, there are tons of other small particles that make the wheels roll perfect, but without good work, no one should expect to be successful.

The first thing is to lock yourself in the studio and produce some quality work. Whenever you think you did great, be sure that you can do better. Roll out the creativity and do something that no one heard of before. If you want to learn how to do better at your work, see this article.

SoundCloud is a place where young, talented, and creative artists do best. Everyone’s waiting to hear something new. So, don’t be afraid to be bold and publish something that you feel great with and will give the world a new perspective on your favorite music genre.

2. Publish only the best works

Knowing this, and working hard, gets you to a level where you’ll be productive more than usual. You’ll have lots of tracks. The best thing in having so much work is to pick only the best and upload them to the network.

Quantity makes quality, everyone knows that. To get to the minds and hearts of the listeners, you need to give them what you think it’s best. If you think that they’ll hear one thing, like it, and be complete fans and listen to everything you uploaded, you’re wrong.

When you’re trying to make a breakthrough, everything is about the first impression. Someone will play one track and another will try some else. If you have a whole junkyard full of attempts to get to the great thing, be sure that no one will have the patience to listen.

3. Be part of the community

Being part of the SoundCloud community is very important. If you get accepted among the influential members this will mean sharing and reposting of your tracks. If some of them do it, be sure that thousands of other people all loving the same genre will get in touch with your songs.

That’s why it’s very important to be a good member. How to do this? Always comment, repost some of the tracks you find amazing, and share your ideas with your community. It’s also important to share your story where people will get to know you and will feel closer to you and your work.

4. Share on other social networks

Sharing your tracks and your work on other social networks is a great way to promote your work. There are around 75 million registered users on SoundCloud. However, all other social networks combined go over a few billion which is a number that no one can beat.

That’s why it’s important not just to create, but to do a little marketing and share your stuff on other places. For example, the Tumblr community loves creativity. Facebook is more conservative, but have billions of users. YouTube is a music website where anything can happen and has a billion visitors every month. Take your chances.

5. Buy plays from professionals

When we say do a little marketing, we mean to do something that will show the world you’re already successful. This is important for the listeners. They like to connect with the artist in some form and no one likes people who are low profile.

This is why buying SoundCloud plays is an excellent idea. But what will this change? The look on your profile will be much different and everyone that comes will have the idea that you’re already big. They’ll think to themselves – how could I’ve missed this interesting person.

Let’s say someone opens everything there is under the hashtag electronic. And you do electronic music. In the ocean of tracks, you have 5 plays, and everyone else is over 1000. Who do you think people will want to hear? You or those that already have a lot of plays? It’s obvious, right?


If you followed closely what is needed, you’ll know what you need to do. Follow these 5 steps and you’ll get to the big leagues in no time.

All you have to do is work hard and be out there. A little marketing on the top and you have a perfect plan. Don’t wait for tomorrow, start your way to glory now!

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