5 Reasons Why You Should Buy the ‘Chota Haathi’, Tata Ace

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy the ‘Chota Haathi’, Tata Ace

The tata ace holds the tagline, “Kaamyabi Ka Saathi, Kal Aaj Aur Kal”. Indeed the line suits very much to the mind of services their vehicles provide. Tata Motors has earned a lot of name for producing vehicles that work magic in the small commercial vehicles sector. They successfully launched the Tata Ace range in 2005 and since then, the line has gathered up so many stories and achievements that its unbelievable. It provides great social and economic benefits to all its customers all over the country.

The Tata Ace was also started to be known as Chota Haathi and further, in 2018, the Tata Ace Gold came out to be its successor. This range is no doubt an iconic model that comes up as the best choice to all its users.

The Tata Ace family has a variety of options to choose from which includes, Ace Gold, Ace HT, Ace CNG, Ace Ex, Ace Zip, Ace Zip CL, Super Ace Mint, Ace Mega, Ace Mega XL and Super Ace Mint.

Here are five reasons mentioned below as to why you should buy the Tata Ace:

  • Each model mentioned above is specifically designed to suit each and every business needs with different load and engine capacity. The engine displacement capacity is 1396 cc. This henceforth allows you to transport your business goods from one place to another by simplifying the process to another level. We all know about the bad road situation going on all over India and commercial vehicles that are small and make the process easier are a go-to saver.
  • When it comes to the braking and safety, the Tata Ace believes in saving the lives of all and therefore they make use of Dual Circuit Hydraulic Activateď brakes with a disc at front and drum at the rear. Also, the rear suspension brakes are semi-elliptic leaf spring.
  • The Tata Ace also is quite easy on the pocket. The price starts from Rs. 4.14 lakhs onwards. Because of its feasibility in terms of the money which includes maintenance and everything, we can see the Tata Ace range all over the country, hence adapted by almost every businessman. The Tata Ace almost needs around Rs. 500 per month for its maintenance. On the other hand, other brands provide the features of Tata Ace at a much higher range and honestly, there is no better option than this vehicle that would provide so many features at such a price range.
  • It also provides a great mileage of 17.9 kmpl which is a great deal and a value for money. The topmost speed of this vehicle is 125 kmph.
  • Because it is small and lightweight in structure, it can be very easy for the driver to ride through bad roads and weather conditions in terms of all situations.

For a fact, we know that businesses don’t take a break no matter what, in any situation. To aid a hand in this, businesses also require a vehicle that can provide them with 24-hour support. The Ace by Tata Trucks in India is a perfect example in this case.

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