What You Should Know About Adobe Creative Cloud

What You Should Know About Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is an American based multinational company that is into creating and updating software that allowsusers to create a lot of different content related to graphics design, photo editing, visual effects and a lot more. Adobe for creatives has started a monthly subscription-based service called Adobe Creative Cloud. Depending on the plan, you pay a certain amount of money every month and you get to use all the available software provided by them.Some of this software include Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and Premiere Pro just to name a few.

There three different plans or packages depending on the individual’s requirements.

The Photography plan:
There are two sub-plans included in this plan. One of them includes Photoshop, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic and the other one includes just the Lightroom CC app. Note that they both cost the exact same amount of money.

The Single App plan:
This a straightforward plan. You choose one app to work on and pay for it every month. This plan is perfect for users who want learn and master one single app like After Effects or Premiere Pro.

The All Apps plan:
This plan is mainly used for tutorials and schools as it provides access to all the available apps from Adobe. They have even mentioned that there’s 10 TB of cloud storage available for people who opt for thisplan.

Even though all these plans sound reasonably good, the cloud-based service has its fair share of disadvantages. The fact that everything is cloud-based means that it requires you to have constant internet connection for you to be able to save your projects on the cloud. Cloud storage is one of the most important reasons for this shift in business model, failed to work properly. The core feature of cloud storage is save syncing. This means that whenever you reopen your app and load a save, it automatically synchronizes with the files available in the cloud. If at all the save in the cloud isn’t completely up to date, then it can overwrite your existing save and you might end up losing your progress. Many users faced this issue and were very disappointed with Adobe.
Another major disadvantage is that if there happens to be a server crash, then there’s no way of accessing the apps or import the saves from cloud storage.

Cloud storage systems can be really beneficial and convenient if done right and I have a feeling Adobe is trying their best to perfect their system. Once they start delivering everything they have promised, Adobe Creative Cloud could prove to be one of the best updates till date.

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