What is the latest flooring designs brewing in Orlando?

What is the latest flooring designs brewing in Orlando?

If you are finding the latest designs for your flooring from online and then you can find plenty of options to choose based on your preference. There are innumerable service providers to wade through, and it can be hard to find reliable experts who really know their stuff. Perhaps someone else’s design pattern cannot be yours. You can seek blogs of trusted brands for flooring and design ideas, but when you have so much before you, choosing the right and best can be very hard process considering the cost. If you are living in Orlando, then count yourself lucky are there are many Orlando flooring companies out there such as LC solutions, Soni Interiors, Costa America flooring etc.

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What customers should know about flooring?

Many Orlando flooring companies are running seasonal offers where you can get from least expensive to most expensive including labor and material.

  1. Carpet: In general, carpet is the least expensive surface. If you look for budget flooring, this is the way to go. Labor is also low and you can certainly find less expensive carpets.
  2. Laminate- Laminate flooring is usually expensive than carpet but less expensive than hardwood. The materials for laminate are less expensive and labor is lower.
  3. Hardwood flooring- There are several Orlando flooring companies offering economical hard wood flooring solutions however, it is quite costly compared to carpet and laminate. Oak and bamboo are lower spectrum of cost while hardwood are costly but improves overall looks of your home. It is easier to clean and maintain as well.
  4. Tile- Marble and Granite tiles are expensive surface to install because it is labor intensive. Ironically, labor drives the price on this one.


Customers in general pick per square feet prices because they will measure their room and do the multiplication and think that is the price. However, what they fail to understand they do not account factors like waste, acclimation delivery, transition pieces and labor. In addition, customers can be misled when they go to a store as they just see the cost of the materials. These prices exclude the factors we mentioned earlier. You can follow trusted bloggers for further clarity and designs.



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