Some key points about the YouTube Red

Some key points about the YouTube Red

YouTube Red is available in the United States starting today. YouTube has promised that soon we can try the service in other countries, but for now we have to happen to see the birth of the service from afar and with that, we have enough to know what YouTube Red is. If not, watch this video that sums you up the best reasons to try YouTube Red as soon as it is available. Visit this site for – download from youtube.

What is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red is not a new YouTube application, but rather a new service with which YouTube intends to make money with the videos it hosts in a new way: by subscribing to the free content cart by subscription, a formula that we have already seen in many other services (Spotify or Netflix as main exponents). With YouTube Red, the Google company is solving a problem that has been dragging on for a while: its users do not want to see more publicity while watching videos.

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The functionality of YouTube Red

YouTube Red includes three important news regarding the classic YouTube model:

No advertising: The advertising disappears and you stop interrupting the viewing of the videos. No advertising on YouTube, but neither on YouTube Gaming, YouTube Music (Before Google Play Music) and YouTube Kids, although the first two have been announced but are not available in all countries.

Background playback: It is finally possible to continue playing a video while we open another different application or block the screen of our phone. A breakthrough that only needed one thing to become a reality: pay.

Offline content: Now we can download videos, playlists, and songs to consume them when we do not have a connection. We can choose the quality of the file and the video will be available 30 days before disappearing from our phone.

Price and extras included

YouTube Red costs $ 9.99 for everyone except for iOS users. Apple charges a kind of fee for applications with subscription and, if they do not reach another type of solution, the final price will be $ 12.99 for Apple. YouTube Red includes subscription to Google Play Music or vice versa if you pay the $ 9.99 of Google Play Music you will have free access to YouTube Red. The service of Google Play Music will presumably be replaced by YouTube Music. The YouTube Network service will be available on any device where you access your account: mobile phone, PC, browser, tablet …

YouTube Red includes exclusive content from its creative factories where at the moment movies, series and several reality shows have already been born with the Fine Brothers or Pew Die Pie and, who knows, perhaps in the near future we will see the El Rubius with Mangel.

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