Prevent formal errors using Electronic voting

Prevent formal errors using Electronic voting

Electronic voting offers a range of benefits compared to the traditional paper procedure. Voters have the chance to vote quickly and expediently.The system can be used free of the platform and device, be it on a smartphone, tablet or computer.People with disabilities can elect or take part in elections online without the assistance of a third party.Swiss citizens living both in Switzerland and out of the country can take part in votes and elections irrespective of their place of residence using e-voting.

Clear user assistance prevents formal errors such as illegible answers, misplaced signatures, incorrectly finalized forms or invalid lists in the voting and the voting process.Voters receive authorization that their vote has been properly cast and saved in the ballot box.Votes can be calculated quickly and exactly.It is secure: votes are only conveyed and kept encrypted form. Sophisticated algorithms prevent votes from being influenced without being noticed.The Federal Council has also decided to recommend the publication of the source code3 and thus make the design of the systems more apparent. Theyhave also decided to launch the work to realize the dematerialization of the vote, that is to say the complete digitization of the balloting process. It would therefore be probable to completely or partially ignore the sending of physical documents to voters.

The Association intends to launch with the constituencies of the legal and technical conditions in this area.In contrast, due to lack of resources, the Federal Council has decided to temporarily interrupt work on electronic collection. E-collection is the chance to sign federal popular initiatives and electivevotes through the Internet.A new planning instrument to increase the speedin the extension of vote electronique should be approved at the Spring Meeting of the Swiss Conference of State Chancellors. The Federal Chancellery has systematized a preliminary consultation with the cantons. The source code establishes how votes should be documented and processed by the system. This will make sure that systematic dysfunctions in the complete voting or election process following manipulation attempts, human errors or software errors are recognized.

Safekeeping requirements for voting systems have been strengthened over time. The Swiss Post system combines individual verifiability which enables voters to decide whether the vote they have expressed has been manipulated or intercepted on the user platform or during transmission. The vote is encoded end-to-end which offers an advanced safety guarantee for voters.

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