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Make your favorite ringtone by cutting the song


People in these days often show the interest in setting the ringtone of their most favorite songs for their mobile phone. In certain cases, you may want to set only a certain portion of the song. At such cases, you need a tool to cut the song clip for set it as your ringtone. For this purpose, there are so many interesting apps available and you can simply download and use it. In that way, Mp3 Cutter is the recently launched app that is so useful for editing the mp3 files in the most effective way.

This mp3 cutter is the most famous app which is exclusively available for the android mobile phone. Since it is available for free of cost, anyone can simply get the access from the internet. With the help of this app, one can able to merge mp3 files to make the new ringtone or song. Of course, this app is now designed for various operating systems like windows and android.

Facilities offered in the app

As it is the light weight application, you can simply download it as you want. Moreover, it is so friendly app and it does not need so much knowledge for making the functions. Whatever the content is, whether it is the song, dialogue or voice message, but you can simply make your music as you want. There are so many features that you can attain when you have used the Mp3 Cutter app and they are mentioned as follows.

  • Cut and join – This app can help you to cut out the mp3 file in the different parts and join with any other song to make the sound track.
  • Fading feature – The app is available with the some features like fade in and fades out. This can be useful for making the ringtone on your own.
  • Extract audio from video – Using this most effective app, you can able to extract the audio from the video too. The app can provide full support for doing so.
  • Easy to handle – In order to use this app, the user doesn’t need to have knowledge. But, he can simply access it in the easiest manner.


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