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Main types of cancer treatment


Now it is said that cancer is hallmark disease of the present generation. Even though several campaigns on cancer prevention are going on records show increase in number of cancer patients from year to year. This demands medical world to come with the best form of cancer treatments.


In simple words cancer can be said as a group of diseases resulting from the abnormal growth of damaged cells in a part of body and the spreading of the same to other parts. Some of the important types of cancer include breast cancer, prostate cancer, basal cell cancer, colon cancer, melanoma, leukemia, lung cancer and lymphoma. At present, cancer patients can make use of best cancer treatment hospital in India to get perfect cancer treatment.


If you experience any of the cancer symptoms, then consult the doctor without wasting more time. Early diagnosis can help a lot to control and prevent the growth of cancer cells. Doctor will recommend the basic test and will suggest for perfect type of cancer.

Some of the important type of cancer treatments includes the following.


Surgery is one of the most preferred cancer treatment types where the cancer or cancer cells are removed from the body. The surgery is made in different ways depending on the level of cancer cell growth and the type of cancer.


Drugs are used in this treatment to kill the cancer cells. This treatment works better with other form of treatment to fasten up the process of destroying the damaged cells.

Radiation Therapy

As the name suggest, the treatment make use of extreme doses of radiation to shrink tumors by killing the cancer cells.  Almost all of the cancer medical centers in India provide you the treatment at affordable costs.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy as the name suggests targets on changes that promote the growth, multiplication and spreading of cancer cells. The treatment work against the changes in the cancer cells to prevent them from growing. This technique is used with the other treatments to add the effectiveness of treatment.


Immunotherapy is the treatment that focuses on the efficiency of immune system. It promotes the qualities of immune system in fighting against the cancer cells.

Stem Cell Transplant

Some severe treatment can destroy the blood forming stem cells in cancer patients. Stem cell transplant is conducted to restore these cells in the body. The treatment is mostly used in the patients who had undergone radiation therapy of chemotherapy.

Hormone Therapy

This treatment is applied to stop or slow down the growth of prostate and breast cancers that make use of hormones to grow.

Book your doctor

Most of the national as well as international cancer patients prefer the best hospitals in India for cancer treatment to get the most effective cancer treatment at really affordable costs. With most modern cancer treatment methods and highly experienced cancer treatment experts, you will be provided with the perfect treatment based on the nature and type of cancer. Now it is your time to book the doctor.


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