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Keep it simple in monsoon


Though monsoon is a favourite season for many as it gives soothing rain and relief from scorching heat of summer, it is not so good for those who go out of their house everyday to work. Torrential rain can bring every plan down and ruining everything. So, one has to plan accordingly.

There is a need of make up when one is going to parties or a get-together and also a daily make up for everyday office purposes. One can get beauty make up tips in Hindi in beauty magazines and follow them. One can keep it simple in monsoon because rains are going to wash it away anyway.

  • Most people think that using water proof make ups can really solve all the problems. But that is not entirely true. No matter you use water proof make up or not, you have to avoid heavy make up during monsoons. Try to avoid foundations as much as you can. Replace them with face powder. This will prevent your make up from getting messed up. In fact, even if you get drenched in rain, the make up will not be ruined entirely.
  • Powders with a very light base can actually help in monsoons. But do not over use face powders or compacts as it may give an over toned look to your face. Use only as much as you need.
  • In monsoon it is a good idea to use cream blushes. In fact, it is even better if you use very less blush. This is because; even if you get wet in rain you can just dab your face with a tissue to wipe of the rains drops in such a way that your make up does not get smothered all over your face. Blend your blushes well and try to keep it as natural as possible. Take earthy and skin colours and when applying blushes on cheek try to stroke it outwards. Pastel shades are a good choice in monsoons. One can go for colours like brown, pink and beige. When it comes to eye shadows then one can choose the powdered varieties instead if going for the creamy textured ones. So that they do not melt away once the rain comes.
  • Just stick to simple kajal and water proof eye liners in the rainy season. Even if you are fond of mascara, just keep them away from your make up box for a month or two. Rains and mascaras do not go well with each other and it can completely ruin your eye make up.
  • Go for long lasting range of lip colours and try to go for the matte shades. Avoid lip glosses as it can be sticky and smudge all around your faces easily when you are wet. Wear a shade lighter than your actual complexion so that it stays longer.
  • When it comes to hair, go for a loose ponytail or a neat bun as they are the safest hair styles in monsoon.

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