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How important is a diet to stay healthy


Eating can be any types but with some extra scores to carry one, we always love to stay fit and healthy. But it is not that easy to move on with such healthy diet easily. This is something about fighting against all odds. With the priority to move ahead through the way with bringing a great chance to obtain perfection and presentation through following a strict diet like that of military diet.

Way to carry on?

 For those who are busy every moment would really not be able to have a good scoring diet and are mostly dependent on fast foods. The above mentioned variety can be a strict warrior diet which literally means dieting. So to end up the work with a long term continuity of diets, this is being confirmed for 3 days with avoiding almost every kind of food and taking a strict look to some food that would consider a health benefit into account. Following this right the day one might be a little hectic and would let you feel tired but with time one can easily overcome the matter and then can stick to the diet to understand the priority and move on for the next two days in the best way possible.

The best way to carry good health

With following this military diet, it becomes easy for the body to absorb the fat deposits inside the body. So if we consume food according to our calorific requirement which is based on BMI (body mass index) then we can make our body cells meet the requirement in a correct amount. For that particularly we should consume more of healthy and whole grain carbohydrates which are rich in fibers and antioxidants, our protein intake should be more as it help in repairing wear and tear of body cells and do help in growth of blood cells which provides us immunity. Then comes calcium which will fulfill the requirement of bones and blood cells. Iron which increases our immunity to fight against various infections and make our body fit and strong , our diet should also include poly unsaturated fatty acids that is rich in omega -3 – fatty acids which help in growth and development of our brain and nerve cells.


With this one can cut down the idea of eating throughout the day and managing diet with avoiding a lot of unhealthy foods for long time. Just a short time can let anyone easily take on the way to prove their health in the best way possible.


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