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Chip Wilson the entrepreneur focusing on innovation and transformation


The one of the success formula of any business could the transformation and innovation. The business with these two major qualities will surely thrive in the market.  If you want to transform your business from survival level to thriving level then you should consider using innovation and transformation in the business. The business or the company with the same old techniques and strategies would struggle in the market. The business should be updated as per the current scenario in the market. As per the season and the market climate or the business climate, the business should adapt fresh innovations to gear up the business for transformation. This is the real success behind chip wilson the eminent Canadian entrepreneur. He is known for his lululemoathleisure company which is successful for decades.

The innovative idea to embrace the new climate in the business has made him successful in all his ventures. He was having a Wets Beach retail apparel company that focused on the apparels for skate board, snow board and other apparels for the people. But soon he sold the company like after a year. His idea for apparels fabrics and design did not leave him idle. His values and the vision kept on driving him. As he was watching the scenario around he came with an idea to start a company that is focused on yoga apparels. That is why the company is called as yoga inspired company till this date. He stared the company with a small amount of money and now it is a million dollar business company.

As he could see that yoga is going to be famous soon in the country he stared yoga Apparels Company. That is why he is called as visionary because he saw the future and started the business. As soon as the yoga practices and teachings were started in the country he used all the possibilities to start a yoga apparel business called lululemonathleisure. Seeing the inception of the yoga he could see the rise of it and transformed his business. He is truly an inspiration to many people especially to the business people.