Which waste can be used for recycling?

Which waste can be used for recycling?

Caring for the environment is not always associated with spectacular actions, the majority of activities that can be done for the environment are happening at home. The greatest potential lies in recycling, which is possible due to the segregation of rubbish.

Metal recycling byram township njWhat is recycling?

Recycling is nothing but the re-use of different types of waste. Sorted waste can be processed again to produce the same or a completely different product. As a result, the exploitation of natural resources and the reduced amount of waste will be reduced. The most important thing in recycling is to make the best use of the potential of waste with the least amount of raw materials and energy. Recyclable packaging often has a logo in the form of three green arrows that symbolize a chain of recycled waste.

Which wastes are suitable for re-use?

There is the greatest potential in households. It is from our homes that the largest part of the collected waste is used, which is used for recycling. We are encouraged to do so by lower fees if we commit to segregating waste. More and more often you can find special containers by garbage containers, to which specific types of waste are thrown. Four basic groups of waste should be distinguished:

Paper –

Throw in a blue container or bags. Containers made of cardboard, newspapers and magazines, catalogs, prospectuses, folders, school and office paper, books and notebooks, paper bags, and wrapping paper can also be added to this container. However, do not throw in the paper coated with foil and carbon paper, milk and drink cartons, disposable diapers, and sanitary towels, pampers and pads, bags of fertilizers, cement and other construction materials, as well as wallpapers. Metal recycling byram township nj is most commonly used  items


it should go to a yellow container or sacks. We put into the yellow container all beverage bottles, household chemistry packaging, cosmetics (eg shampoos, powders, dishwashing liquids, etc.), food packaging, plastic caps, plastic bags, bags, plastic bags and other foils, plastic baskets after fruit and other products, styrofoam; the container with the plastic should also include cans of beverages, juices, cans of steel sheet after food (canned), iron scrap and non-ferrous metals, metal caps from bottles, caps of jars and other containers, aluminum foil, cartons of milk and beverages. Do not throw in syringes, wafers, and other medical items, construction and demolition waste, paint packaging, varnishes, and oils.

Glass –

Throw it into a container or bags in green (colored glass) or white (white glass). We put glass bottles and jars for drinks and food into the green container, bottles for alcoholic beverages, glass packaging for cosmetics. It is forbidden to throw into the container green table glass – of drugs, oils, and solvents,

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