Using the Macujo Method to Pass Hair Testing

Using the Macujo Method to Pass Hair Testing

In America there are currently over 30 states that allow marijuana use – some still have the restriction that it is only allowed to be used if for medical reasons and is dispensed on a prescription, others have already moved to allow cannabis for personal recreational use by responsible adults. Whether it is treated like wine and beer, or like codeine and aspirin, there are still a range of companies and organisations that have a total blanket ban on any consumption of absolutely any controlled substance.

Often a company that has federal contracts must obey federal law which, currently – although that is rumoured to be changing soon, says federal employees must have no banned substances in their system.

It is because of the unfairness of this that a range of products to help people pass drug tests, even when they knowingly have drugs in their system, have been researched and released onto the market. There is nothing at all illegal about the majority of the products and systems available, but there is a large degree of difference when it comes to their effectiveness.

The Macujo Method

One of the popular methods that you will see mentioned if you look at product reviews which are focused on how to pass a hair analysis pot test is the Macujo Method. If you have never heard of this, you may be wondering what it is all about – and why there are so many mixed reviews.

Basically, the macujo method is a really, really, really, intense clean of your hair. Because cannabis is absorbed into your blood stream before settling in your fat cells, it goes into the oil glands attached to each and every hair follicle in your body (yes, underarms, chest, pubic, leg hairs are all fair game to be used to detect marijuana use, not just the hairs on your head). Once the hair starts to grow it contains the trace markers that show cannabis use deep in the hair shaft (click here to learn about hair). As the hair continues to grow these markers stay in that same spot and move with the hair growth. If you have your hair cut short every two months you will likely be trimming off the residue traces of marijuana, although as only the 2 inches of hair from the top of your scalp down are used for hair drug testing you don’t need to worry too much if you have long hair.

Your first step towards having shiny, toxin free hair it to make sure that your hair cuticles are actual open and able to be cleaned. Generally, we like our hair cuticles lying nice and flat to create a smooth shiny look, but to get a deep cleanse you need to be able to penetrate the hair shaft. Despite the advertising of many supermarket brand shampoos, they are not cleaning nearly deep enough for this purpose. Failing at this initial step is one of the reasons why the macujomethod of passing a drug test has been known not to work. If your cleansing shampoo product can’t reach the drugs stored in your hair, they can’t clean them.

Once you have done the initial cleanse to reach the inner hair shaft you will generally need a really intensive shampoo. One of the products regularly recommended is an Aloe-Rid product. However, people who have used this have also failed drug tests. Unfortunately, this is not so much the fault of the product, but the source of the product. The company that manufactures these shampoos was reputed to change their recipe to a much milder concentration – which may be more suitable for daily use on sensitive skin, but unfortunately is absolutely useless for a detoxing deep cleanse. Thankfully there are still gallons of the original product on the market, but you need to ensure that you are buying from a reputable supplier and not someone that has just put a random budget brand shampoo in the very expensive drug detox shampoo bottle.

Next step – repeat, repeat, and repeat again. You may need to rinse and repeat seven times, rarely more. You can, of course, run a home drug test to check results to get an idea of how you’re going, but bear in mind that home tests may not be a stringent as the test that you are being forced to undertake in your workplace.

How Often?

Generally, most people seem to find out on Friday that they will be undergoing a hair sample drug test on Monday morning, which gives them the whole two days of the weekend to spend washing their hair repeatedly. However, if you are more concerned about spot drug tests being sprung on you without warning, you can consider using the shampoo on a regular basis, but only using a deep cleanse every so often. The maximum timeframe that you can repeat an intensive cleanse will depend on the product you are using, as well as your need and the risk factors that might come from receiving a positive result on a drug test. If you have a three strike warning you might consider using very intensive products to be something you are willing to use less often than someone who would be facing instant dismissal and the possibly to charges.

Can’t I Just Shave?

Unfortunately, not. If there is not suitable hair on your head to take a sample from as mentioned above, samples can be taken from any other hair on your body. If you are completely hairless you may have to undergo a blood test or a urine analysis instead.

Although detoxifying shampoo is generally safe for most people to use on their heads, as long as they keep the shampoo out of their eyes, it is less recommended for the sensitive skin around the genitals. If you think that the only hair samples a tester is going to be able to use will be your pubic hair you will likely need to look at a range of products and reviews to find that balance of sensitive to your skin and effective to removing toxins.

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