Should You Think of Buying Bitcoin?

Should You Think of Buying Bitcoin?

Being the world’s front runner in Crypto Currency technology, Bitcoin is making some great headlines, and serious fluctuations in bitcoin price from last some months. Almost everybody has heard about them, and everybody has got some opinion. Some cannot fathom an idea that the currency with such value will be made from nothing, whereas some love this idea that something with no Government control gets traded as the valuable entity in own right.

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Can You Earn Money from Bitcoin?

The future of bitcoin price rests on 2 important variables: adoption as the currency by wide audience, and absence of the prohibitive Government intervention. This Bitcoin community is now growing fast, and interest in Crypto currency has dramatically spread online, and the new services are also accepting the Bitcoin payments more and more.  We already have seen many people earn millions on this currency. We’re seeing many people experimenting to live on Bitcoin only for months, whereas recording such experience for the documentary viewing.

 Points to Look At

This immediate growth in the awareness and uptake appears to continue, if the trust in this currency stays strong and that leads to second dependency and government regulation. Even though designed specifically to work out independently from the Government control, Bitcoin can inevitably get affected by the Governments in certain way. This should be an important case for 2 reasons.

  1. Firstly, it is to achieve high adoption levels, Bitcoin need to be available to the wide numbers of people that means spreading it beyond the hidden transactions to daily transactions for businesses and individuals.
  2. Secondly, the Bitcoin transactions can become the trackable part of the people’s taxable wealth, being declared or regulated alongside other type of wealth. The thriving market of Bitcoin in the US also has the uncertain future, so any conclusive legislation can either have the positive, or negative effect on its future.

 Should You Think of It?

This answer generally depends on how much risk you are willing to take. Bitcoin certainly is not going to be the smooth investment, but potential of the currency is quite huge. Since volatility of this currency is been confirmed by the rapid rises & plunges, and feature of its illiquidity for the buyers is one undeniable issue.

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