Network Cabling & Installation – Different Types of Cables

Network Cabling & Installation – Different Types of Cables

Have you wondered what it’s that connects networks and computers to each other? The network cable that is in conjunction with associated hardware (hubs, network switches, and demarcation equipment) is liable for the computers connecting and transferring the data across intranets and internet. The Telecommunications Nashville cabling is used for other purposes besides the computer networking. This can also be used for carrying video for the security camera systems and video for the cable TV or AV (Audio and Visual) applications. The network cabling is used as the control cable in the Building Maintenance Systems or Access Control Systems.

Telecommunications NashvilleThere’re many kinds of the cables used for such purpose, which includes unshielded twisted pair, fiber optic, shielded twisted pair, and coaxial. In a few cases, just one kind of cable is been used in the network, whereas in some cases, different kinds are used. The wireless systems now are becoming highly popular but remember you want network cabling for this wireless system. Still, there are two things that will make network cabling much better than the wireless network: it’s reliable and secure.

Understanding the Cable Type

Before you actually understand how the cable networking works, it is important to know about various cables or how they will work. Every cable is very different, and kind of cable that is used for the particular network has to be linked to the size, protocol and topology of a network. Here’s the rundown of cables that are commonly used for the network cabling:

Unshielded or Shielded Twisted Pair – It is one kind of the cable used for a lot of Ethernet networks. There’re four sets of the pairs of wires in the cable. There’s the thick plastic separator, which keeps every pair isolated through run of cable. Every pair of the wires is twisted so there won’t be any interference from some other devices, which are on a same network. Pairs are twisted at the different intervals so they won’t cause any interference between themselves. For application there is too much of Electromagnetic Interference, like mechanical space, you can shielded twisted pair that has the outer shielding, which adds protection from EMI.

Fiber Optic – The fiber optic cable primarily is used as the backbone cable though it’s used more as the station cable. By backbone cable wee mean it connects to Telecommunication Rooms within the space to one another.

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