Here’s How You Can Fight and Beat a Speeding Ticket

Here’s How You Can Fight and Beat a Speeding Ticket

Getting a speeding is a nerve-wracking experience in your life, though it’s pretty common in the roadways. Now that you received one, what are you going to do? Fight it? Remember, the law is law. No one is above the law. But don’t worry, there are things that you may do to help yourself resolve this issue.

Fighting or contesting this on-court can result in a lesser fine or attending to a traffic school. Though your options will vary depending on the location you live. But most of the time, there are options to choose from your ticket.

With that said, if you get pulled over due to speeding limits, here’s how to fight them in the right way.

1. Watch your attitude

Once you get caught by a police officer, always remain calm and watch your temper. Fighting with the authorities verbally and physically will never increase your chances of winning this offense; instead, it’ll only add up a new offense on top of the speeding. If you want the police officer to like you, be prepared to talk nicely with them.

2. Turn off your car and switch on the interior lights

Don’t forget to place your hand at ten and two on the steering wheel and remove your hat or sunglasses when talking to them (as a form of respect). Other people will be advised to place your keys on the roof of the vehicle as a sign of respect and total submission.

Remember, do not get out of your car. Others may see it as a form of aggressiveness, so avoid doing this. The point is to avoid having unnecessary heat of the conversation out of the encounter.

Your goal is to make to officer feel comfortable with you. Imagine the different types of people and the dangers they are dealing with daily. So, be the opposite.

3. Be polite

Save your words after the police officer is done with the basics. Many police officers will never say a word until they are done doing the basic protocols and procedures. For others, they say it’s a test of patience.

4. Ask them politely about your violation

When the police officer is finished doing the basics, you can politely ask them about your violation. If you know to yourself that you broke the law, admit it nicely, and praise the officer for pulling you over. But if you are not sure with your speeding offense, tell them politely that you want it to be resolved legally by asking your speeding offence solicitors about your case. Don’t forget to praise them by doing their job correctly and thank them for informing you about the violation. Doing this will leave them an expression that you’re a good citizen.

5. Politely ask for the radar

Other jurisdictions require a police officer to allow the drivers to see the radar. However, don’t press it if the police officer will say no because it is evidence that is needed by the courtroom. But, at least, politely ask them about some question to give a feeling to them that you are watching.

You may ask them these questions:

  • When was the last time the gun radar was calibrated?
  • Where were you standing when you clocked my speed?
  • Are you moving when you clocked it?

Remember, do not ask them in an argumentative or sarcastic tone, ask them politely and nicely with a smile on your face. Tell them that you are only curious about it, so if anything happens in the future, you’ll have an idea about the speeding.

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