Guide for the Players New to LoL Boosting

Guide for the Players New to LoL Boosting

League of Legends or LoL is the game filled with many terminologies. From ganking bot to smurfing, it sometimes is hard to know what some phrases actually mean. Suppose you are playing LoL for very long then you have come across this term “LoL boosting” earlier. But, what’s elo boosting & why is everybody talking about this?

Chances are if you have never heard about elo boosting, you have not yet been exposed to this “secret” world of the lol boosting. In order, to help you to understand what is boost and how this works; we have put together the guide so simple that anybody may understand it! Here’s everything that you want to know.

What’s Elo Boosting?

Elo boosting or Match Making Rating or MMR boosting, is the service where high elo player can increase somebody else’s in the game rank just by “boosting” them. It means player (or boostee) provides booster access to the account to fulfill this service. When booster has reached the particular league (Diamond, Platinum, and more) boost is done, and player gets the account back. Owner of an account will play in the new division or choose to take this further and begin another boost.

league of legends boostDuring a boost, account owner cannot log in and play any LoL (till they have the separate smurf account!). It means that will either need to pass their time or patiently wait for the turn.

It may sound very straightforward; however why will you let somebody boost your LoL account at the first place? Retreat is the better option than to head to any sticky scenarios you don’t think you can survive. This will make sure you can get the LOL boost that you want to win. It is absolutely what you want to improve in League of Legends or hit any division you like and desire.

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