Fun Tips To Make At-Home Movie Night With Kids Extra Special

Fun Tips To Make At-Home Movie Night With Kids Extra Special

Every family loves movie night. With free access to online streaming sites, like, you can spend more time with your kids at home. You can cuddle with them on your couch or bed while watching their favorite movies. There’s no more need to spend money going to a movie theater, buy snacks, and watch a movie. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can now watch all the movies that you want.

So how can you make your movie night with kids extra special? Here are some tips to help you make that a success:


Choose A Movie Streaming Site

Nowadays, movie streaming at home is made easier. Thanks to the free movie streaming sites that you can have access to. One of the most trusted names online is putlocker. If you have been watching movies at home, then you probably already heard about this site. At putlocker, you can find thousands of movies, categorized in different genres. Other than movies, they also have TV series of your most favorite television shows.

Make It A Theme Night

Kids love to dress up and wear costumes. So why not do it at home? If you are watching Cars with your boys, or a Barbie movie with your girls, why not make them headpieces or make them wear their Cars or Barbie apparel? If you have the time, you can even include them and make this a pre-movie activity. For sure they would love that. You can also add more decorations in the living room to make it more appealing.

Play A Game First

Before you start playing the movie, you can play a game first to warm up their minds. You can print out coloring papers for the younger ones, while you play trivia contests about the movie (with prizes!) for your older children. This will have their minds rolling and ready for the movie.

Prepare Good And Healthy Snacks

If you are tired of popcorns and sodas, why not prepare healthy snacks for your kids? You can cut up their favorite fruits and make their favorite dips. You can set up a little table of fruit buffet and other finger foods that they can munch upon while watching the movie. Cut down their access to junk foods and unhealthy drinks.

Make Everyone Comfortable

If you have three to five children and everyone won’t fit on the couch, or bed, prepare a make-shift bed for everyone. Maybe you can push that couch to the side and put comforters and pillows in front of the television. This way, everyone will enjoy the movie and not deal with the cramped up situation on the couch. For sure, the younger ones will doze off even before the movie is halfway through.

Movie nights at home doesn’t have to be boring. If you know how to make it more fun for everyone in the family, there is no doubt that your kids, even your teenagers, will look forward to it.

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