Cyclone Survivors in South Africa Receive Relief Aid

Cyclone Survivors in South Africa Receive Relief Aid

Your support of charities makes it possible for people in emergency situations or disadvantaged circumstances to move forward from a bad experience or poor conditions with renewed hope. One way that you can contribute in this respect is to help the people who were affected by Cyclone Idai – a recent storm that ripped through southern Africa.

Rescue Work in South Africa

Rescue workers searched for survivors in the countries of Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe – where towns were demolished that sat in the wind storm’s path. When the storm made landfall near the city of Beira in Mozambique, winds reached 177 kilometers or 106 miles per hour. Torrential rains did nothing to improve the situation. The storm hit in March of 2019. After the storm struck Beira, it became totally inaccessible by road.

Massive Destruction

Once the storm annihilated Beira, it tore through the eastern part of Zimbabwe. Homes were destroyed, as well as bridges and roads. The Nyahode River burst over banks and flooded a large area. The hardest hit area, Beira, has been targeted by local charities in Thailand for relief assistance. Children in this location were profoundly affected, as the storm left over one million children in need of nutrition, healthcare, education, and food and water.

A Devastating Impact

Many children have become orphaned because of the storm. They also need funds for healthcare and education. In fact, by joining a disaster relief and education charity in Thailand, you can do your part for helping children in countries such as South Africa. People in Thailand are committed and friendly people, especially when it comes to helping others. That is why you need to take advantage of this fact and contribute through a donation or volunteering today. Do whatever you can to help support efforts in education, emergency relief, and health care throughout the world.

Helping Others in Need

Helping others is central to the philosophy of most Asians. That is why taking part in charity work can be so rewarding. Children, wherever they are located, should have the chance to grow up and learn in a protected and safe place. When you donate your time or your money, you help people and children in Thailand, as well as other places worldwide.

Make This Your Day to Shine – Begin as a Volunteer

This is your chance to shine – make sure you are helping people within your country and worldwide. Review the choices that offer an array of services to people, especially children. After all, children make up our future and their care and well being are important. Do all you can to make a commitment along these lines. All of us can do a small part to make the world a better place. That is why it is never a waste of time to volunteer your services or donate your money or time.

If you have been looking for a way to add value to the world, this is your chance to do so. Work with a local charity and contribute your time or money. Don’t procrastinate. Contact an organization today.

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