Best Places to Visit in Croatia in 2020

Best Places to Visit in Croatia in 2020

If you have been dreaming about sun-drenched shores and nautical Roman ruins, Croatia may be the ideal spot for the next vacation. The nation has been getting an abnormal quantity of attention recently as a result of its link to the popular Game of Thrones TV series, but that has not affected the costs, that are still a number of the cheapest available everywhere in Europe. The nation is currently home to eight magnificent national parks, but in addition, it supplies excellent wine, mouthwatering cuisine, plus a recent history. It is difficult to go wrong with a trip to Croatia, but below are the top places to go to.


The capital of Croatia, Zagreb boasts a gorgeous medieval old city and tons of museums, galleries, theatres, and historic sights. The neighboring Jarun Lake is a popular spot for sailing, swimming, and dance in lakeside discos, but Zagreb’s numerous beautiful parks imply you don’t have to leave town to invest some time in character. The town is also a excellent winter destination; many restaurants, bars, and cafes make it effortless to remain warm, and decent skiing can be had at Mt. Medvednica, which provides excellent views of the town and is easily accessible by tram or bus.

The park is home to 16 crystalline lakes, which can be attached to one another with a set of waterfalls and cascades. A ticket must join the park, and people should note that swimming in the lakes isn’t allowed. Assessing the park on foot requires at least 6 hoursbut people may also benefit from the free ships and buses supplied by the playground, which leave every half hour between April and October.


Opatija was among the very well-known retreats for the wealthy throughout the time of this Austro-Hungarian Empire, and now it is still one of the chicest destinations in Croatia. Spectacular mansions left from this time line the shore, giving the city a certain air of splendor. The weather is excellent throughout the year, and tourists are well catered to, with tons of spas, restaurants, and upscale resorts. The town is fronted with a 12-km-long coastal promenade, and people wishing to leap in the hot waters of the Adriatic can do this in a few of the region’s beautiful sheltered bays.

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Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a awe-inspiring walled city that’s been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. Tourism is the main industry here, therefore there’s absolutely no lack of restaurants, bars, and hotels. Many people enjoy just strolling through the town’s marble roads or across the ancient city walls, but other favorite activities include chartered yacht excursions, kayaking, and swimming at the gorgeous blue waters of the ocean. Additionally, there are excellent views to be had in the top of Mount Srd, which is attained either by foot or by cable car.


Since the sunniest place in Croatia, the island of Hvar attracts tourists from all around the world. There is something for everybody here, if you’re searching for an exciting night out on town or expecting to get near nature. Hvar Town is the capital of this island, and it provides beautiful buildings, jam-packed beach bars, and a good deal of refined restaurants. Beautiful coves are located on the isolated southern end of this island; those make for a fantastic day trip. Hvar is also famous for its lavender, olives, and wine, so head inland to respect ancient olive trees, amazing craggy peaks, and rolling sand fields.


Korcula Town charms visitors with its own medieval churches and squares, but the island are also dotted with lots of little cities and towns ideal for anybody looking for a quieter holiday. History and heritage are alive and well on the island; people may delight in seeing the Moreška sword dancing, age-old spiritual ceremonies, and live performances of classic folk songs. Korcula also creates some superb wine, such as white wine created from pošip blossoms, which can be grown just here and around the Pelješac Peninsula.


Encompassing 89 of those 140 islands which compose the Kornati archipelago, Kornati National Park is frequently called a nautical heaven. The islands are uninhabited, and many are made from karst limestone, which creates breathtaking waterfalls, caves, and grottoes. The closely knit islands offer an superb challenge for experienced sailors; anybody who wants to sail throughout the National Park should buy a ticket. Visitors may hike on the islands, swim and snorkel from the many beautiful bays, or join a coordinated diving trip.


The island is well developed and boasts lots of infrastructure for tourism in addition to an airport that’s available between April and October. Most vacationers base themselves from Krk Town, a medieval walled city with a bustling beachfront promenade and historic attractions like the 12th-century St. Mary’s Cathedral and Frankopan Castle. Visitors can also explore the island’s most secluded beaches and authentic Mediterranean fishing villages or even indulge at the wine and the area is well known for.


Encompassing 142 square kilometers across the Krka River, the Krka National Park is famous for being home to numerous magnificent waterfalls. The most popular of them are that the Skradinski Buk drops, that can be among the most well-known sights in the whole nation. On the other hand, the park is home to lots of other rewarding sights also, such as inland monasteries, varied wildlife, and the 200-meter-deep karstic canyon where the river runs. The park may be accessed by automobile through some of the five chief entrances, which can be observed at Skradin, Lozovac, Roški Slap, the Krka Monastery, and Burnum.


Adrenaline junkies can benefit from the chance to go paragliding or windsurfing, whilst anybody searching for a more relaxing vacation can take a stroll along the beachfront promenade or reunite on the gorgeous pebbly shore. Many of pubs and restaurants are available along the shore, and the town boasts a lively nightlife scene throughout the high season.


According to ancient legend, the calm beauty of this island of Mljet impressed that the hero Odysseus so much that he stayed here for seven decades. Contemplating everything there is to do on the island, people now may be enticed to remain as long. The majority of the island has been taken up by Mljet National Park, which offer spectacular pine woods, two saltwater lakes, along with a secluded seaside cave. There are loads of man-made attractions as well, such as a Benedictine monastery, tombs that date back into the Illyrian time, and also the ruins of some big 5th-century Roman palace.


The greatest city in Eastern Croatia, Osijek is a tasteful university city with lots of history. The 18th-century Hapsburg defensive fortress is a significant draw for many people, however there are also a fantastic number of historic and beautiful cathedrals, castles, along with other neighboring buildings. Strolling across the promenade on the banks of the Drava River makes for a fun day; lots of cafes and restaurants are available here. There is more than enough to perform in the city , but it is also a fantastic spot to base yourself if you are considering seeing the surrounding countryside or the Kopacki Rit Nature Park.


A surprising variety of wineries are available here, and the area is well known for its wine in addition to because of its distinctive sheep’s milk cheese and intricate Pag lace. Historical Pag Town delivers interesting architecture and civilization, while Zrce Beach at the north boasts a buzzing nightlife scene throughout the summertime. The island is easily accessible because of a bridge which joins it to the mainland, and it broadcasts a favorite summertime carnival each July.


There are loads of excellent opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, and biking here, and people may even be fortunate enough to place animals like eagles, bears, lynx, and chamois. The park is also home to 2 magnificent gorges: The 14-km-long Velika Paklenica along with also the 12-km-long Mala Paklenica. Several essential lodges are available for anybody wanting to spend the night at the playground, and there’s also a campsite that’s available from March to November.

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