Rollator and Its Astonishing Features

Rollator and Its Astonishing Features

A rollator is can also be defined as a wheeled walker. It is made up of a frame with three or four wheels, handle-bars and a foldable built-in seat. Rebotec Rollator also have add-on accessories, such as baskets to hold a shopping bag. Based on this, lets discuss some of its features:

Solid tires.

These tires come in handy when walking over rough or pointy surfaces, such as gravel.

Size of the wheels.

The size of the wheels can affect the performance of a walker or rollator. The bigger the wheel, the easier it is to pass obstacles and uneven surfaces. The comfort level also increases with the wheel size. A bigger wheel is preferable outdoors as it performs better.

Work efficiency.

In order to offer you the best efficiency, the handles are adjustable in terms of height, and they can also be turned outwards or inwards. The grips are adjustable according to the angle, to assist in finding the optimal hand position.

The position of the seat.

The position of the seat is further to the front. With this, you can enjoy greater space for your legs when walking. While walking closer to the rollator, an optimum upright walking posture can be maintained.


The hub break system of the terrain can help you always to rely on the highest brake performance, ignoring the fact that you are walking in the sunshine, pouring rain or deep snow. The brakes are fully protected from dirt, water and snow.


When folded the Walker stands upright by itself and thanks to the X-folding mechanism it is very compact.

Water repellent and durability.

The seat and the add-on basket should both be made from durable and water-repellent polyester fabric.

The weight of the rollator

Standard rollators are tested safe for people who weigh up to 250 pounds. A bariatric rollator will typically have a lower seat to make it easier for the user to get off and on of it. The actual weight capacity should always be taken into consideration. Also, keep in mind that the higher the weight capacity, the more the rollator itself will weigh.

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