A Reality Show To Bring A New Change In Television History

A Reality Show To Bring A New Change In Television History

Comparing to serials and movies reality show is quite hard to judge. It is entertaining and at the same time new to people. It is a new concept to people so judging about people opinion is quite toughest task. In other foreign countries reality show is not new. In India number of reality show is really low and especially show like big boss is totally new concept to us. Last year season 1 got telecasted in Tamil and got good success than anyone thought. Before Tamil in Hindi this programme is running successfully and crossed ten seasons successfully. Concept of this show is about concentrating fifteen people attitude and behavior for hundred days. Their every action gets filmed, so even their small mistakes viewers can note down. It is family entertainment show, so no adults and offensive languages get telecast. In other languages the number of days and contestants number can vary to Tamil. Season 1 Big Boss got good TRP and respond from public. A season 1 winner is Arav and runner up is Snehan. Big Boss celebrities should only talk in Tamil. Manhandling and sleeping in a day time is strictly prohibited. Apart from this even some other rules everyone in big boss home need to follow.

Every Week Tasks

For big boss home mates every week there will be a new task given by big boss. These task is made up to test everyone capability and to bring out their skills. These task not only entertaining to house mates but also to viewers. Daily you can watch this show. Yes, seven days this show gets telecast on Vijay TV. Even if you miss any episode means no need to take stress out. Now you can follow this show in hot star and through some live links. Though twenty hours get recorded only few edited parts they telecast on television, due to the limited time limit. Before there is no other big boss videos we can find than what is telecasted but now even unseen and other masala clips you can find only in hot star app. To watch episodes in hot star you need to install that app on your device. Every member on the house must take part in every task, even that is included on the agreement which is signed by every celebrity before they getting into big boss show. Contestant behavior and attitude only attracts people. Content and other things are not given by Vijay TV management. So nothing is fake or drama on this show.

Vote From Any Place

Every week there will be a nomination process. House mates select two members and by giving valid reasons. People who got maximum number of votes by house mates finally get into eviction process. They can get saved only by the viewers. So if you are wishing to save any click bigg boss tamil vote on that you can vote. This process is simple so you can make it done in few minutes without more wasting time. From anywhere you can vote, even from other countries and state also. For people who are not comfortable in online voting can go for missed call option. Every member number is different, all you need to do is dial a respected number and give a missed call to save any from eviction. Not all evicted members can get saved but person who won special powers by doing tasks can save themselves or other people. In the BB (BIG BOSS) we can find two big bedrooms for boys and girls, kitchen, living area, garden area, smoke room, washroom, jail and swimming pool. On all the places we can find cameras except on washroom. Every player should wear mike all the time.

A Valid Poll Line

Only on a respected site you need to vote. Once you clicked the respected site it leads directly to the voting process without misleading you. Only in weekends line get close till by the time your votes get into count. So voting on mentioned time is really important. There is some limitation to vote, per member can vote only on the mentioned votes. Every day you can vote but fit into maximum numbers. It is not needed to vote same member every day. If in case you liked two on the eviction list you can vote both without any trouble. A same person can use different mail id and telephone number. Number of votes gets displayed on some sites at the end of week or some time host Kamal Hassan mention it on the show. Google it to reach the voting lines faster. Every vote is going to decide elimination. So think twice before you vote. Judging a winning contestant is not possible at all. Only at the end of the week we can find about it. It is suspense for the host himself. Even for management.

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