A Breakthrough Is Not So Fascinating If It Doesn’t Work

A Breakthrough Is Not So Fascinating If It Doesn’t Work


Science has come a long way from the time that fire was discovered by our ancestors and by the fact that the first drug was used to treat the common cold and then the cure for polio or aids or the small pox. Everything we know of has something to do with science and that the new trend in today’s scientific gestures is the term ‘breakthrough’ and that is not something to be taken lightly. A breakthrough according to the dictionary, is something that has been subjected to various field testing and has overcome all the obstacles to get the desired result to serve its intended purpose. So if it does not go through all the field testing and the public scrutiny then it gets terminated and then everything changes in order to redo all the previous mistakes. A breakthrough product or idea could be anything from a simply invoice tracking software to the businesses to use and to obviously track their transactions and orders to the clinical drug that is being tested to cure Alzheimer’s. With such a vast array of things that could happen there is always a possibility that things can go wrong and if they do go wrong then at the least it need not be cried upon as it was just a test and it failed to become revolutionary.

Ideas That Can Change The World

A simple idea, is like a seed that is waiting to grow with the right exposure to various elements that it needs and any administration of these elements at the wrong time or any wrong elements being introduced would result in simple yet disastrous effects to the actual plant itself without the actual growth taking place. The same way when a new clinical drug is being tested or a new invoice tracking software is being tested or the finished product being sent out into the field to run its time course, there has to be the right exposure to the actual things that makes it to grow and any wrong exposure to elicit materials or the wrong sequence of the right materials, then the effect will grow like weeds and poison the actual product even if it was clean in the first place.


Taking decisions when everything is at stake for the product is difficult and thus there are certain precautions that should be taken prior to any field testing or anything of that sort.

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